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It’s with great sadness that we are no longer going to take in dogs from their own homes unless it’s a genuine reason. (Bereavement or pups who need hand raising due to mothers illness etc).  We are now going to concentrate on taking in dogs from the pound, greyhounds from the track and will help where we can with The Haven Rescue in Ireland. We are not here to receive nasty comments or messages and be lied to by people.

Regarding adoptions. It is at our discretion who adopts from us and who doesn’t. If your application is unsuccessful you will not hear from us. This is explained on our application form. If you do get to the home check stage and there is another family. Only one of you will be successful. We can’t split a dog in 1/2 to please everyone.

Most of the work running this rescue is done by 1 person. Our priority is the dogs not if we upset someone who wasn’t successful in adopting one of our dogs. There are plenty of other dogs in rescues uk wide who need a home.

Many thanks for taking the time to read. Hope you’ve all had a good Easter.

Skylor’s team

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