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Care & Training

Useful information prior to adopting a greyhound

Throughout their racing careers, many greyhounds would have lived their life in kennels by themselves and would not have had any physical interaction with anyone whilst they were sleeping. It is likely that they always would have been woken by a door closing, a gate opening and possibly other dogs barking before coming into contact with humans; giving them time to adjust to being woken up from the safety of their own space.  Below is a very useful link from Hectors Greyhound Rescue giving valuable information on a condition known as "Sleep Startle"

What is prey drive ? 

Prey drive is the hunting instinct in animals, giving them the ability to catch food. You may have seen this when many dogs play — for example, chasing a ball, tugging games and ripping open stuffed toys. By channelling these behaviours into play, we can give them a safe release for their prey drive.

Prey drive is more of an issue for some dogs than for others. You may hear people say, “my dog has a high prey drive”, which means their dog is more likely to want to chase and catch animals like squirrels, mice or farm animals.


Common examples of breeds with a high prey drive include Greyhounds, Lurchers, Collies and Terriers. However, any dog breed can have a high prey drive, so it's essential to spot the signs and train your dog to help control their instinct to chase.

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