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Good morning. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Sorry to be so blunt and negative on a Monday morning but I’m constantly having to repeat myself and I’m not doing it again.

If your interested in any of our dogs and you fit the criteria in their profile then fill in the application form in full with as much detail as possible so that I’m not having to ask more questions in emails and messages. I haven’t the time to be contacting everyone. If the forms not filled out completely with all the info we need your application will automatically be declined.

Do not call us to ask if you can meet the dog your interested in. If your application has been successful, we then do a home check, if you’ve passed your home check then and only then you will be invited to meet the dog.

Calling us out of hours to ask will not be replied to either as this also takes up a lot of time to call back or message.

If your needing help with your dog and need to rehome then you will have to fill in our relinquish form on our website. You then will be placed on the waiting list but doesn’t guarantee we are able to take the dog. If we have a space open up we will contact you by email with a follow up text message.

Thank you all for your support, time and patience. Im only one person.


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