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Sophie update

Morning all. We have some very sad and upsetting news for you all about little Sophie the 7 year old yorkie we took in from the pound.

We Had a message this morning from Julia her foster mum. Sophie was having seizures this morning. By time Julia got her the vets she was continuously having them. Vets put her on a drip and seizure meds but she continued having them. Julia called me to say she may have a brain tumour and that the best thing for sophie is to pts. I headed over to the vets and met with Julia and Mei her foster mum and dad and we let her go over rainbow bridge. We’re absolutely gutted and angry that she’s had to suffer like this and neglected so badly by her previous owners, but we all felt it was kinder for her to go. She will now be buried in Julia’s garden to rest in peace and no more pain.

We thank Julia and Mei for giving her probably the best 2 weeks of her life having all the tlc she deserved.


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