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If your interested in giving any of our dogs a home. Follow the below step.

1. Fill in our online application form including the name of the dog your interested in. Applications must include as much detail as possible.

2. If your suitable and vice versa then we arrange a home check.

3. If you pass your home check then we invite you to meet the dog at our head office in Dobshill, Flintshire.

You can’t just turn up or expect to come and meet our dogs if the above steps haven’t been done first. If you have a resident dog/dogs then we do require you to bring them to meet our dog. If all goes well on the 1st visit then adoption can go ahead. If the dogs need to meet several times then we will invite you for a 2nd and 3rd visit if needed.

Many thanks.

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Thank you everyone who's applied for kenny. Applications have now closed as we process them.

I know it's really hard times at the moment for everyone but if you can spare even just £1 that will help us towards specialist vet treatment for our gorgeous girl Eve. Click the link below to donate.

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