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Meeting our dogs.

Good afternoon all. So we’re constantly telling people that not all our dogs are in one place so you just can’t come and see all the dogs. All our dogs are either on our website and Facebook page. If your interested in one or more of our dogs you will have to fill in our application form from our website. (It’s very easy to do). Then we go through everyone’s applications and usually choose 2 that we feel could be suitable. Then we arrange a home check with the 2 applicants. If your home check is successful Then your invited to meet our dogs. This will either be at head office or the dogs foster home. You can’t just turn up or ask to come and meet the dogs. Thanks for reading this. Skylor’s Team 🐾🐾

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Thank you everyone who's applied for kenny. Applications have now closed as we process them.

I know it's really hard times at the moment for everyone but if you can spare even just £1 that will help us towards specialist vet treatment for our gorgeous girl Eve. Click the link below to donate.

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